MIRAC Traffic and Safety Mirrors

MIRAC® Traffic Mirrors

Hos Trafikspejle.dk finder du altid et stort udvalg af trafikspejle. Her på siden kan du udforske vores udvalg af robuste MIRAC® spejle i bedste optiske kvalitet. Find din foretrukne model og størrelse, og bestil direkte til din leveringsadresse – så kvitterer vi med hurtig levering og fem års funktionsgaranti.

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MIRAC Traffic and Safety Mirrors

Traffic mirrors, safety mirrors, road mirrors or street mirrors are different terms for mirrors designed for outdoor use and for road safety purposes. In trade circles, however, “traffic mirrors” are the common term.

We have been manufacturing MIRAC traffic mirrors since 1987 for the Danish and European markets. All of our traffic mirrors are designed for the Danish climate with changing temperatures, rain and wind. That is why we provide a five-year function guarantee on all MIRAC traffic mirrors.

MIRAC traffic mirrors are available in all sizes and in round and rectangular designs. The mirror surface is made of acrylic or Polycarbonate (PC) in a careful manufacturing process that ensures the absolute best optical quality. The mirror housing is made of unbreakable ABS. The traffic mirrors come with a galvanized mounting bracket.

The red/white border makes the traffic mirror visible to the road users. Therefore, this type of mirrors is recommended in places with public traffic. For private exits, in industrial areas and similar places with mainly local known road users, the more discreet MIRAC traffic mirrors without red/white border are often used. For particularly exposed areas at risk of vandalism it may be advantageous to install a mirror of Polycarbonate.

The MIRAC T-panorama mirror is a very special traffic mirror. The T-panorama mirror has an extra radius of curvature and wide-angle effect that makes it possible to look at both sides with just one mirror. The same wide-angle effect has MIRAC AllRound mirrors. MIRAC AllRound can also be used outdoors if the edge is sealed with a silicone sealant.

MIRAC Traffic and Safety Mirrors are designed to eliminate blind spots and angles anywhre in traffic so that the number of accidents can be reduced or prevented.

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