MIRAC Safety and Surveillance Mirrors

MIRAC® Safety and Surveillance Mirrors


No one who has visited a busy factory or warehouse can avoid noticing the fast pace of work. Silent electric forklift trucks drive around with pallets and other goods, driving through doorways from one hall to the other, up and down the aisles to load and unload!

This hectic activity often leads to "near by" situations and to actual clashes where goods and other equipment are damaged; or, at worst, accidents involving people sometimes with tragic consequences for the individual.

Many of these collisions and accidents most often occur in connection with poor visibility and blind spots.

MIRAC safety mirrors, strategically located in the right places, can prevent many of these costly accidents. In many cases, the efficiency can even be increased as the traffic does not have to stop at every corner or doorway to orientate.

MIRAC convex safety mirrors are also used to monitor assembly lines and machines.

MIRAC mirror domes are suspended from the ceiling at 4-way junctions; so all four directions are covered. Be aware that mirror domes are very convex and therefore the mirror image diminishes. It is therefore important to use as large a mirror dome as possible.

MIRAC convex safety mirrors come complete with mounting brackets for handy and easy mounting.

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