MIRAC "T"-Panoramic Mirror

MIRAC "T"-Panoramic Mirror

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The picture to the left is taken in a multi-storey car park. The driver coming up the ramp can clearly see intersecting traffic so that collisions can be avoided. The MIRAC "T"-Panoramic Mirror has a larger radius of curvature that allows you to overlook both directions with just one mirror in operation.

The MIRAC "T"-Panoramic Mirror can easily be mounted by means of the pre-mounted fixing bracket.

The T-panoramic mirror is characterized by having a larger radius of curvature, which makes the mirror image smaller, which makes this mirror suitable for mainly places with slow traffic.


MIRAC T-panorama spejle erstatter to konventionelle trafikspejle, da spejlets udformning gør, at man kan se til begge sider. Da spejlbilledet er mindre fordi spejlet krummer mere end traditionelle trafikspejle, er MIRAC T-panorama velegnet til steder med langsom trafik, f.eks. industriarealer, sommerhus- og boligområder, parkeringsanlæg og lignende steder. Se også vores øvrige udvalg af industrispejle and spejle til udkørsel.

Mounting guide

Fixing Bracket for posts

The MIRAC Traffic and Safety Mirrors for outdoor use come complete with a heavy duty fixing bracket that allows the mirror to be adjusted in all directions. The Bracket is for 50 and 75 mm posts.

The MIRAC outdoor mirrors are easy to mount; open the pipe clip and fix it to the post. To adjust the tilt angle loosen the two screws on the back side of the mirror.

Optional Accessories

Ceiling Mount 55 cm

The Ceiling Mount is screwed directly on the ceiling or wall-top or similar.

Wall Bracket

In order to create free space behind the mirror so that it can be tilted if mounted on a flat wall we recommend our Wall Bracket.

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