MIRAC - Panoramic Domes

MIRAC - Panoramic Domes

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MIRAC Surveillance Domes provide all-round vision for maximum safety in factories and warehouses. In shop areas are the Domes used to prevent shoplifting and pilferage. The Domes are tough, but light in weight and can be either mounted on the wall or suspended from the ceiling using the four drilled holes in the mirror flange.

The Mirror Domes are ideal at 4-way intersections where they will provide a unobstructed view in all directions.


This size only


The MIRAC Mirror Domes have a large radius of curvature. Therefore, the mirror image is smaller and, as a consequence, one should choose as large a mirror dome as possible.


The Domes are also available in half and quarter version to be mounted against the wall or in the corner.

The MIRAC Domes weight less that 2 kg and are easy to handle and to install.

Size Guide

Which size to use:

Diameter 450 mm Viewing Distance Less than 5 m to the mirror
Diameter 600 mm Viewing Distance Less than 8 m to the mirror
Diameter 800 mm Viewing Distance Less than 16 m to the mirror
Diameter 1000 mm Viewing Distance Less than 30 m to the mirror


The Mirror Domes have a large radius of curvature. Consequently the mirror image is diminished. It is therefor important to install as large a mirror dome as possible.

Please inquire, in order to safeguard that you order the right size for your application.


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