MIRAC - Half Domes

MIRAC - Half Domes

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The MIRAC Half Domes are the ideal safety mirror at T-junctions. The Half Dome allows you to look at both sides from a doorway and thus avoid accidents with intersectional traffic.

The Half Domes have pre-drilled holes in the flange for easy fixing.

This size only


MIRAC Half Domes are ideal for 3-way intersections.

For angular junctions a Quarter Dome is recommended.

Mounting guide

MIRAC Half and Quarter Domes to surveil L & T intersections.

Half Domes to safeguard your T-intersections.

The Half Domes are put directly against the wall and ceiling.

Sizes of the Half Domes

  • 450 mm width
  • 600 mm width
  • 800 mm width
  • 1000 mm width

Size Guide

Which size to use:

Diameter450 mmViewing DistanceLess than 5 m to the mirror
Diameter600 mmViewing DistanceLess than 8 m to the mirror
Diameter800 mmViewing DistanceLess than 16 m to the mirror
Diameter1000 mmViewing DistanceLess than 30 m to the mirror


The Mirror Domes have a large radius of curvature. Consequently the mirror image is diminished. It is therefor important to install as large a mirror dome as possible.

Please inquire, in order to safeguard that you order the right size for your application.

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