MIRAC - Type AllRound

MIRAC - Type AllRound

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MIRAC All Round Mirrors have a radius of curvature larger than our other convex mirrors and thus provide a wider angle of vision.

The MIRAC AllRound Mirror has four pre-drilled holes in the flange and can easily be screwed directly on to a wall or put on a pallet shelf using cable strips. If the "T"-panorama Mirrors are used outdoor it is recommended to seal the flange with silicone sealant.

This size only


The MIRAC "T"-panorama Mirror is ideal for almost any application and can often replace conventional mirror domes.

The height is only 18 cm and thus suitable in narrow places.

Ved udendørs brug, skal spejlet forsegles med silicone, så der ikke kommer fugt på bagsiden. Se også vores andre spejle til udkørsel.

Mounting guide

The MIRAC AllRound Mirrors can be fixed directly to the wall by means of the four holes in the flange.
If used outdoor the mirror should be sealed with a silicone sealant.

By means of some cable strips the mirror can easily be attached to a shelf.

Distance to the Mirror

MIRAC 450 Viewing Distance to the Mirror, max. 8 meter.
MIRAC 600 Viewing Distance to the Mirror, max. 12 meter.
MIRAC 800 Viewing Distance to the Mirror, max. 18 meter.

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