Guide - MIRAC® Mirrors

The MIRAC Traffic Mirrors come in two versions: With or without Red Reflective strips on the border.

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We have been manufacturing MIRAC traffic mirrors since 1987 for the Danish and European markets. All of our traffic mirrors are designed for the Danish climate with changing temperatures, rain and wind. That is why we provide a five-year function guarantee on all MIRAC traffic mirrors.

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What size and type to choose? The size depends on the viewing distance, ie the distance to the mirror itself. As a rule of thumb, a 60 cm traffic mirror can be large enough for ordinary municipal roads. If the distance to the mirror is greater, select a mirror of at least 80 m in diameter.

Should you choose a round or rectangular mirror. It is a matter of taste, but the very large, 80x100 cm or 100x120 cm mirrors are only available in rectangular shape.

In places with increased risk of vandalism it might be considered to choose a Mirror with a mirror face made from unbreakable Polycarbonate.

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The next thing to consider is whether the mirror should have red reflective border, making it easier for road users to see the mirror as a useful aid. Is the mirror primarily for your own use, e.g. for private exits, you can set up a mirror without border.

Traffic Mirrors

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Surveillance Mirrors for shops

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Rear View Mirrors; Inspection Mirrors

MIRAC Rear View Mirrors - and Inspection Mirrors

MIRAC Mirror Domes and MIRAC AllRound Mirrors

Mirror domes are available in several sizes. Mirror domes have a larger radius of curvature. As a result, the mirror image becomes more diminished. That why It's most important to install a mirror dome as large as possible!

For special purposes, e.g. at T-junctions and L-junctions, you can set up either a “half” mirror dome or a “quarter” mirror dome. The pictures clearly show how effective the mirrors are.

As a supplement to convex mirrors and mirror domes, we have developed a mirror with an extra radius of curvature, which is an intermediary between the convex mirror and the mirror dome. We call the mirror MIRAC AllRound. The mirror has an amazing mirror image with wide-angle effect. The MIRAC AllRound is easy to set up, it can be suspended from the ceiling, mounted on shelves or placed directly on a wall, for example. in a parking garage.

MIRAC Traffic and Safety Mirrors - to avoid accidents!

As the pace of work gets higher and higher, the risk of accidents increases. Anyone who has visited a warehouse cannot help but be impressed by how quickly and efficiently the forklift trucks operate. The high speed increases the risk of collisions between the trucks and pedestrian traffic. The goods may be damaged if two trucks collide, not to mention the danger of personal injury. It all costs time and money and unfortunately once in a while human suffering.

With MIRAC mirrors you cover blind spots and angles to avoid accidents. As an added benefit, you achieve greater efficiency as the trucks can now continue to drive without stopping at doorways and junctions.

MIRAC Surveillance Mirrors prevent shoplifting.

Shoplifting is a major problem for most stores. The shoplifters have long since discovered that no one is constantly monitoring videos. Therefore, surveillance mirrors continue to be an inevitable addition to video control.

MIRAC Convex Surveillance Mirrors come with flexible arm wall mount for infinite adjustment in all directions.

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