Surveillance Mirrors for shops

MIRAC® Mirrors for Shops

MIRAC® Mirrors for Shops

MIRAC safety and surveillance mirrors are widely used in stores of all kinds in the effort to minimize the loss caused by shop lifting.

With MIRAC mirror domes you can also overlook the store area behind the sales gondolas and other places that can hide potential shoplifters.

MRAC convex safety and surveillance mirrors are most often mounted in the corners of the store, eliminating hidden and blind corners.

The MIRAC TWIN SYSTEM is a unique system of two mirrors, which together makes it easy to see the shopping carts in the checkouts. One mirror, the ceiling mirror of 60 × 80 cm is suspended over the gate in front of the cash operator. The other, mirror 14 × 21 cm, is mounted at the cash register so that the assistant can see the mirror image from the ceiling mirror in it and thus directly down into the shopping cart. It is effective and discourages potential shoplifters

MIRAC convex mirrors come with a 30 cm flex arm. With the flex arm and the ball joint, the mirror can be adjusted infinitely in all directions without the use of tools - simple and easy solution.

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